Long Time - You´ll See
(Tiden går - tempo scorre)
Long Time – You´ll See is a sonic performance. An artwork at the crossroads between art, performance, vocal improvisation, Landart and Participatory art.

Long Time – You´ll See is a manifestation and an open call by Katarina Henryson that addresses long term orientation, persistence, presence, sustainability, communication and connection without words at Långmyre winery, Gotland, Sweden.

Long Time – You´ll See invites professional singers, performers, artists, amateur singers, anyone who is interested, given that you participate in a minimum of one preparatory workshop. Audience can observe for as long or as short as one wants.

"The singing or rather the sounds we create are not regarded as good or bad but as something that carries us through the piece where all voices are equally important. The core of Long Time – You´ll See is the connection without words we will experience when walking through the field."

The performance takes place one Sunday each year during ten years in a row (2019-2028)

The vineyard “Långmyre vineri”, Hamra, Gotland, Sweden

Professional performers, singers, choirs. Audience/participants: Anyone who is interested can join or watch/experience.

One Sunday during 10 consecutive years the artist Katarina Henryson performs a slow-walk through the vineyard together with singers and performers. The participants sing a note of their own choice for every step they take. The performance lasts for 2-3 hours. The documentation of each year´s performance will result in a photo/video installation by photographer Tina Axelsson.

How can I join?
You can take part as a professional or amateur.
Long Time – You´ll See is an open call for anyone to join, given that you participate in a minimum of one preparatory workshop.

A preparatory mandatory workshop (one hour) is offered at Hamra Bygdegård 2 hours prior to the start of the performance.

Katarina also offers preparatory workshops throughout the year.

For more detailed information about workshops and this year’s performance, just get in touch via Facebook or read more on the news page.

If you want to participate a mandatory workshop (one hour) takes place at Hamra Bygdegård 2 hours prior to the start of the performance.

Why is Katarina creating a 10 – year long performance?

"When I first saw the field the summer of 2018 with 27.000 new plants in their “little houses” it was strikingly beautiful with its strong image of hope at the same time as it reminded me of a church yard. It conveyed the paradox we live in. How do we carry each other through the time of climatechange and how do we adjust? The fact that Emma Serner and Andrea Guerra decided to settle on southern Gotland as winemakers is one way. How I relate to this place with this manifestation is another. I have been preoccupied with thoughts about long–sighted perspectives for a long time …haha… What does it mean to dig deep into one thing for a long time? To express this in artistic form? All of a sudden it came together and seemed very clear when I first saw the little plants in their “houses” at the vineyard at Långmyre winery. It is obviously a reaction against all short-sighted aspects we deal with in our everyday lives. All the quick fixes, quarterly reports and the unrealistic and inhumane expectations of efficiency along with the crazy idea of eternal economical growth at the expense of natural resources. I am also very curious to see what this does with me. To arrange my life so that this performance will take place and to maybe build new relationships that develop around this work is deeply exciting. I am very curious to see the winery and everything around it grow up. I am lucky to have met a lot of people here around Hamra at the southern part of the island of Gotland that want to be part of the performance, but I don´t expect anyone but me to do it all 10 years. Of course I will be extremely happy to have company though."

Around Katarina there is a group of people, many of them residents of the area or with a long relationship to this part of the island.

Emma Serner and Andrea Guerra at Långmyre Vineri

Katarina Henryson – Idea/artist and leader of the project
Tina Axelsson – Art direction, photography and film photography
Karolina Westenhoff – Graphic design
Stefan Kullänger – Film photography
Peter Östlund – Film photography (drone)
Annika Hansson-Wretman – P.R. and communication
Arvid Unsgaard – Film edit and sound
Maria Wahlberg and Viveka Lindström – Textile art, production of logotype leaf
Vamlingbolaget – Fabric
Joel Henryson – Website
PA kompaniet – Sound equipment

Katarina Henryson is mostly known as a singer and one of the founding member of the internationally renowned vocalgroup “The Real Group”.
After leaving The Real Group in 2016 she works as an artist and singer and within the platform “The Real Group Lab”.
As a workshop-leader for choirs and vocal ensembles her experience is as vast as the artistic career.
Being the vocal coordinator for the new performance piece”The Cleaner” by Marina Abramovic together with Lynsey Peisinger in 2017 (Moderna Museet Stockholm, EIC) she set out to explore the area where ensemblesinging and performance art meet
Katarina has since co-created a number of works within this domain e.g. Sonic and Energetic spaces with Peisinger, Landscapes of Transformation in Latvia together with artists Liene Mackus (sculpture) and Janis Sipkevics (music) and an ongoing concertperformance series called 360° at Eric Ericson hall, Stockholm.